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The future with Cryptology Cloud Service

Discover the unique world of cryptographic currency, the world in which you can earn decent dividends in Bitcoin generation.

Reliable cooperation

Cooperation is based on honesty and openness to its investors at minimal cost and maximum profitability.

Data security

The high protection of your users ' personal information and their absolute privacy will allow investors to work with the service as reliably as possible.

High effectiveness

The highest and most stable yield with the least possible risks, and decent quality of customer support throughout the work hours.

Best Practices

We are always at the forefront of cryptocurrency technologies, improving mining methods, and constantly increasing the quality of provided services.


By investing in our project, each investor must clearly understand what he's buying and how he will receive money. You're not just investing money in our project, you're purchasing the power of our equipment. The simple words of cloud mining is the virtual farm that hosts special computational machines for the cryptocurrency, in our case for Bitcoin. and virtual because the investor doesn't have direct contact with the processors, he simply leases the power of our computing machines for our own production of the currency. That is, the amount of earnings depends directly on the processing power of the user.

This is the great opportunity for passive income, as anyone who has no special knowledge can do so. In recent years, mining has evolved dramatically and the hardware requirements have become much higher. It's no longer profitable to mine the Bitcoins at home, with only the usual graphic processors (GPU). But by taking advantage of our services, everyone will be able to earn Bitcoin, without worrying about the cost of electricity, the maintenance of equipment, the annoying noise of the cars, but only to make a profit while in comfortable home conditions.

We provide an excellent opportunity for investors to earn money through the production of Bitcoin. The company has a large number of the most advanced servers that are able to produce cryptocurrency very quickly. By joining our project, you will be able to earn a high income from the production of cryptocurrency. By adding the rapid increase in the price of this currency on the world market, investment prospects have great potential.

Mountain Bit 0.21% hourly profit

Min. amount: 0.005 BTC
Max. amount: 5.0 BTC
Investment period: 30 days
Withdrawal type: Instant
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All payments protected encryption

51.20% total profit

Sum of deposit: 0.005 USD

Input amount:

0.000010 BTC

Hourly profit:

0.000252 BTC

Daily profit:

0.007560 BTC

After period:

Aircold Bit 0.25% hourly profit

Min. amount: 5.001 BTC
Max. amount: 25.0 BTC
Investment period: 30 days
Withdrawal type: Instant
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All payments protected encryption

80.00% total profit

Sum of deposit: 5.001 USD

Input amount:

0.012503 BTC

Hourly profit:

0.300060 BTC

Daily profit:

9.001800 BTC

Profit of month:

Skyway Bit 0.30% hourly profit

Min. amount: 25.001 BTC
Max. amount: 250.0 BTC
Investment period: 30 days
Withdrawal type: Instant
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All payments protected encryption

116.00% total profit

Sum of deposit: 25.001 USD

Input amount:

0.075003 BTC

Hourly profit:

1.800072 BTC

Daily profit:

54.002160 BTC

After period:


Great referral bonus from
deposits of 1st level your partners


Great referral bonus from
deposits of 2nd level your partners


Great referral bonus from
deposits of 3rd level your partners

Referral bonuses of Cryptology Cloud Service

Referral system it's a great addition to the main salary from the lease of capacity. Three equal, Partner program will allow you to have a passive return on the investment of your invitees. By creating the vast base of your states, you will receive significant charges on your personal account on a regular basis, which then can be drawn to any payment requisite you have specified without any restrictions.

This referral system produces interest charges every time that your personally invited users will lease a cloud to the certain amount. Income from the first level, that is, from those you personally invited to our project, is 7% of the funds made available. And the income from the invited second and third levels is 1% and 1%.

To ensure the high profitability, Cryptology Cloud Service offers extended statistics, guarantees constant hash speed and direct mining interest.

Only better conditions

Cryptology Cloud Service team has developed optimal conditions for its investors. They imply the maximum efficiency of each customer's financial growth against the backdrop of minimal financial risks. Costs are as low as possible, and cooperation with our customers is based on trust and mutually advantageous relationships. We provide a real profit to earn by leasing capacities and forming your referral structure.

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